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Managerial Philosophy

It is my belief that a philosophy must be established for the management of any company, from which that company’s policies can be established. I have developed Newlong Industrial Co., Ltd.’s managerial concepts from the practical experience gained since establishment in 1941. Times may change, but our Company ethos, deeply embedded in the heart of every staff member at our Company, will remain unchanged. All staff and management of the company work and develop together within a stable employer, and experience common trials and successes. It is my sincere and primary wish that the progress of the company will directly lead to the happiness of all those involved, and better their material and spiritual existence. To achieve this aim, the Company must continue to develop quality products at reasonable prices in order to satisfy consumer needs. My managerial philosophy will remain to harmonize and satisfy the requirements of both the management and the staff members concerned, and to contribute to general public social development in all of our activities.


Yuzaburo Cho


Basic Concept – “Direct Communication with the Customer”

Newlong Industrial Group has entered the 21st century with our Founder’s management concepts. We put utmost priority on our customers, and work to satisfy our customers’ needs with all our heart and soul. We believe that it is our mission to solve customers’ problems promptly, at the lowest possible cost, and at the highest achievable quality level. To meet our goal of “Direct Communication with the Customer”, we always welcome unreserved contact from your side.

Yusuyuki Cho

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