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Form, Fill, and Seal
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PE Gusseted Film Bag Making and Filling System

PE Gusseted Film Bag Making and Filling System

  • The model EFS-22 roll tube type automatic bag making and filling machine includes bag making, product filling, bag top sealing, and cooling stations. The machine is designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and all functioning components are integrated into a compact body.
  • A graphic control panel is used to adjust sealing temperature timing, and to change the cutting length. The versatile graphic panel also provides an operation monitor, various setting screens, fault displays, and a sequencer I/O monitor. All operational controls are done on the graphic panel.
  • The highly efficien chut realize high-speed operatio of approximately 30 bags per minute at 25kg per bag.



The illustration explain in detail


Short video



The roll stand may be installed to match the customer layout (optional)


Outward Dimensions


EFS-22 bagging system line for reference


Separate type roll stand


Corner seal unit


Pinhole unit


Bag opener and filling unit


Top seal unit


Top seal cooling clamp unit



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